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From Pregnancy Through Posptartum

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Mama Rage: A recovery guide

Recovery from childbirth: postpartum food

When the baby comes, we are often gifted with casseroles and other heavy, dense foods. While your... Read more on the worksheets!

Intro to mamabirthing

Moms-to-be long for a circle of support as the birth comes near. This core desire arises from a...Read more on the worksheets!

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About Cate Stillman, the Yogahealer

Before conceiving Indigo, I trained and worked as a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher. I was also a Prenatal Yoga having received training at the prestigious Seattle Midwifery School. In other words… I had some holistic health wisdom under my belt.

I began looking for resources that would fully engage my whole changing being; engage in my most powerful rites-of-passage – the rite of mamabirthing. I found some resources: an article here, a yoga class there, a home-birthing midwife, a great book. Piecemeal tidbits of blessed, insightful wisdom. I began to notice this enormous gap that isn’t filled by a yoga teacher or a midwife or a husband or a friend or a book.

Pregnant, I had a busy work life and not much time to go here or there for classes. I lived in a rural area with excellent midwives and birth doulas. Yet, I couldn’t find a course for evolving motherhood online or locally.

Beautiful 40 page E-Book to inspire your practices, your self-care and to build your birth kula (community).

The Guidebook

Includes: Ayurvedic Constitution Tools

Trimester CheatSheets

Recipe e-book for Pregnancy and Postpartum

Postpartum for Mama, Baby, and Partner CheatSheets

Building your Circle of Support

Remedies from Ayurveda for Prenatal and Postpartum issues

Mamabirthing members

Laura Smith

“This course might help women see the subtle, gentle things a woman can do to help create the best baby body possible. It could open a woman up to the subtle body relationship as well (great meditations). It really really tuned me into the reality that it in not just Mama to Baby relational flow, but it is really Universe to Mama to Baby. Much much better way to feel (having had a tough post partum myself 7 years ago).”

CAP, LMP Ayurvedic Health Center

Fill in your gaping gaps + missing links that will give you an edge for the next phase of your mothering.

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