about Cate

Before conceiving Indigo, I trained and worked as a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher. I was also a Prenatal Yoga teacher and birthing Doula, having received training at the prestigious Seattle Midwifery School. In other words… I had some holistic health wisdom under my belt.

I began looking for resources that would fully engage my whole changing being; engage in my most powerful rites-of-passage – the rite of mamabirthing. I found some resources: an article here, a yoga class there, a home-birthing midwife, a great book. Piecemeal tidbits of blessed, insightful wisdom. I began to notice this enormous gap that isn’t filled by a yoga teacher or a midwife or a husband or a friend or a book.

Pregnant, I had a busy work life and not much time to go here or there for classes. I lived in a rural area with excellent midwives and birth doulas. Yet, I couldn’t find a course for evolving motherhood online or locally.

Even though I had a hard drive of knowledge in my brain… I didn’t have a guide to hold me and encourage me to the next level of my depth potential. I didn’t have a guide to focus or inform my choices around foods, meditation, practices, and daily routines in a way that optimized this sacred opportunity of bringing forth new life.

And yet internally, I sensed that the importance of this process rests in the daily experiences of my rituals. I sensed that my daily rituals with plants, foods, spices, teas, routines, baths, self-massage, conversations and meditations all had the potential to ensure that my inner choice maker was on target.

I equally sensed that those who didn’t have the yoga / ayurveda / doula background I had would have a HUGE INFORMATION GAP. I sensed that those of us who are looking for cutting-edge self-evolution and wellness care through the entire cycle of conception through postpartum need our own course. I sensed that if we had a course that pulled the whole shebang together and moved us into a deeper knowing, with detailed specifics, that the next generation of mamas, babes and families would be grounded in a depth of inner wisdom.

I sensed that if we didn’t take this opportunity… the consequences are very real… and quite negative.

And that is how Mamabirthing was born. A course designed around you and your pre- and post-birthing needs. A course of completeness and wellbeing… especially for you.

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“As a result of mamabirthing, I began to see the LACK of self care women give themselves postpartum, and I began to see the connection to postpartum difficulty and chronic imbalances in some of my clients.”  Laura Smith, CAP, LMP, Ayurvedic Health Center

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