Postpartum detox to lose baby weight

Postpartum moms frequently ask me when they can do a detox.

It’s a touchy subject. Like most information regarding pregnancy, for legal reasons, it’s easiest to post a disclaimer : “Discontinue use during pregnancy.”

Most women come to me wanting to detox to lose the rest of their baby weight. Others just want a shift in their household… and sense everyone needs a cleanse to change the momentum of the current pattern.

Whatever the reason, I am an advocate for postpartum detox, by my own definition. To me, detox is a modern word that has roots in the desire to change an unhealthy or outdated pattern. By the time a women’s body has undergone 9 months of pregnancy, followed by months postpartum, she is familiar with change. She might also get stuck in unhealthy or outdated patterns.

Common unhealthy postpartum patterns

These patterns need a detox:

  • Eating foods that she knows aren’t optimal for her or her baby.
  • Overeating.
  • Eating on the go,  and snacking throughout the day on convenience foods.
  • Staying up late and sleeping during morning daylight hours.
  • Not exercising, practicing yoga or meditating daily.
  • No routines around self-care, oil massage, bathing, and baby’s self-care.
  • Watching t.v. or movies in place of choosing life-enhancing relaxation rituals.

When I help postpartum women “detox” in my yogidetox courses, I guide them through an at-home postpartum retreat. How is this different from a regular detox?

  1. In  regular detox, we might use strong herbs and purgative or elimination therapies.
  2. In a regular detox, we might water fast or fast on light liquids.
  3. In a regular detox, we might do herbal enemas without oils.
  4. In a regular detox, we have more time to ourselves.

Obviously, a regular detox and a postpartum detox are not the same thing.

However, in a yogidetox, postpartum mothers are encouraged to join and supported in the process. Postpartum mothers are invited to create an at-home retreat environment. Here are a few simple guidelines to create your own postpartum detox. Many of the tools here are taught in the free e-book on this website.

Simple Guidelines for Postpartum Detox

Set aside 5- 7 days for your retreat.

Set an early bedtime of 8:30 pm.

Give yourself an oil massage and take a bath before bed.

Meditate in bed for at least 5 minutes, sitting up, before sleep.

Wake at sunrise.

Do 10 sun salutations before your partner leaves the house.

Make nourishing food for the day in the morning. Use the recipes on this website. A pot of kitchari or smoothies and living soups are perfect.

Drink only warm or hot water throughout the day.

If you are at home, give yourself and your baby an oil massage and baths mid-morning. Feed baby first and give a nap after.




Take in nourishment through your 5 senses. Avoid taking in distracting or negative images.

And that is basically it. Of course, during the yogidetox there is buckets of wisdom to help support, enhance and create a container around the process. I have helped many postpartum women strengthen their center, find their optimal weight, and reset their household in a better rhythm.

I hope you have a sense of what a postpartum “detox” can be. It doesn’t matter what you call it – you will come to a time in your postpartum phase where you’re ready for a better routine and a better diet. Take the time to follow this instinct. If you want support, recipes, yoga classes, and audios for your vibrant health education and family thrive, check out the yogidetox.