“There is a gap to bridge between what professionals think mothers do, think, and want, and what mothers, in reality, do, think, and want.”  Midwifery Women’s Health Journal. 2006

Dear mother or mother-to-be,

Take a moment and assess what kind of education would be exceptional as you walk through the journey ahead, from now through postpartum.

What kind of guidance is optimal for you?
What wisdom are you after?
What do you sense about your potential in this process of carrying, birthing and nurturing a nascent human being?

I’m sure you’re aware of what is going on “out there” in the world of prenatal and postpartum care. Although we often think of ourselves as outside of statistics, we are not outside of statistics. And, the statistics are abhorrent: 1 in 3 of us does not give birth vaginally anymore. The great majority of U.S. women have medicated births. Medicated births have side effects on our postpartum experience.

Over half of us experience some depress of postpartum depression. Most of us don’t know that what we eat in pregnancy and how we give birth affects our longterm health. And, it’s not just that we suffer, but that we miss perhaps the greatest fountain-of-youth opportunity that comes with the mama package.

Almost all of us are ignorant of The Sacred Window following birth into postpartum. Ignorant of the window, we unknowingly throw away our potential to bolster our deeper strength for the years ahead. This isn’t just not good for us as mothers… it’s not good for the whole family, or the future of our species.

You have the likelihood of getting sucked into what is normal for our birthing culture. Most mothers today are heavily influenced by:

  1. A health care model with emphasis on prenatal, not postpartum, care.
  2. Fear-based decision-making in birth planning.
  3. General ignorance of postpartum self-care practices and diet.

Fear and ignorance are the momentum of what is happening in the childbearing healthcare community in the U.S. today. Even most midwives don’t offer a holistic postpartum care program… let alone the OB-GYN care model.

However, you have the opportunity to gain wisdom and power at any juncture in mamabirthing. (Women join mamabirthing at any point in their childbearing cycle. It’s not just to start in pregnancy.  You can start postpartum.) Mamabirthing guides you through:

  • from intentional conception
  • to an inner-attuned pregnancy
  • a gentle birth
  • a deeply nurtured postpartum cycle.

What are the predictable results for you and your growing family? You may make choices not from your deepest potential, but from the common ungentle, unintuitive status quo.

Welcome to Mamabirthing. I created this e-course literally for my soul sisters to get the best resources and education available for their mamabirthing process. It’s all about you and your path through carrying and bearing your child, and more importantly, about the next 9 months of your new lives together. Here you will find kindness and love, and a host of useful resources to help guide you through your childbearing cycle. Through conception, pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum – to a happily fulfilled you and your child.

What is the mamabirthing e-course about?

  • Mamabirthing is about your potential.
  • Mamabirthing is about evolving our generation of mothers.
  • Mamabirthing creates family thrive.
  • Mamabirthing is for yourself, your family, and your circle of support.
  • Mamabirthing will work through you in an effortless flow.
  • Mamabirthing will open a world of strength and make you a smarter, centered mama.

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