the case for postpartum self-care healthcare

“What is most disturbing in the literature on postpartum health is not the presence of widespread morbidity but the profound silence that surrounds this pivotal period in women’s lives. 49% of women said they would like to have been given more guidance regarding postpartum recovery and changes in their health; several studies noted that many women (up to 25%) with postpartum health problems did not consult a health professional.” Midwifery Womens Health Journal. 2006;51(4):242-248

Who is your guide on this journey within from pregnancy through postpartum?

Who is tying the whole 9 yards and the next 9 yards (so to speak) together for you in a continuous 18 month wisdom stream? Are you piecemealing together your care – supplements here, yoga class there, advice from your OB/midwife here, sister’s advice there?

This is not about getting back into your prom dress two weeks after giving birth.

Mamabirthing doesn’t promise a pain-free labor in an idyllic setting… or for you to be bouncing back on your feet like you haven’t missed a beat. This is about coming to terms with the actual care you are piecemealing together and recognizing its limitations.

Ahh, you can breathe a sigh of relief. You’ve arrived in the land of prenatal, birthing and postpartum mamabirthing… where the emphasis is on building your capacity to be vibrantly healthy for yourself and your family. You’ll learn to expand your intuitive and physical abilities to be the center of your growing family.

You will integrate the real tools that create a dynamically balanced healthy mother.

Mamabirthing is a guided course pregnancy through postpartum, with real tools, tips, recipes and centering practices along the way. You will be consistently centered and reminded to integrate the joyful routines and structure that make the biggest difference for you.


“Thank you Cate! Your course has been a God-send to me. I have gained such great insight into caring for myself and my family while being pregnant with my fourth! This pregnancy has been a breeze and I feel incredible. I have been able to correct just about anything that has come up in this pregnancy in a matter of days just by following the amazing information you have to share. No constipation, no heartburn, no hemorrhoids, no fatigue, no irritability. I wish I had known what I know now for my other pregnancies! Thank you from a very grateful Mama.” -Sarah Pyne, mother of four, Holistic Health Provider.

“Your advice and example during my pregnancy, for the birth, and as a mama have been truly inspiring. I will be forever grateful. How fun it will be to do dropbacks and handstands one day with the kids!” – Lucy Bivins, certified Anusara Yoga
“There is a gap to bridge between what professionals think mothers do, think, and want, and what mothers, in reality, do, think, and want.”

We are a generation of childbearers unexposed to the wellness wisdom of our foremothers. We have the potential to uplevel our health and our inner mother if we activate foremother wisdom with the innovation of our generation.

“Women taking this course will acknowledge the powerful evolution that is birth of mother-self and child.”
Kate Maguire, pilot course participant