Intro to mamabirthing

As an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Certified Anusara Yoga teacher, mother, sister and friend, I noticed a HUGE VOID of wisdom in our prenatal and postpartum care. This HUGE VOID of wisdom led me to create an e-course, called mamabirthing.

If you’re a pregnant mother, or a friend of a pregnant mother, this course is designed to absolutely uplevel our postpartum mother health, infant health, and overall family thrive. While our culture does have a lot of support for prenatal health, we really don’t have support for postpartum care. This means it’s up to each mother to learn self-care techniques to help herself and her changing family. It’s up to her to generate a circle of support to help her thrive postpartum.

Mamabirthing is a course packed with mamabirthing classes, yoga classes, meditation sessions, prenatal and postpartum recipes, practical handouts for family members and friends, and practical support tools. The e-course is designed to help you learn what you need for your personal and your family thrive.

Intro to MamaBirthing – Play this one first!
Cate Stillman, 6 minutes

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