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Taking Mamabirthing with Cate was an amazing experience that changed how I think about the journey to motherhood.  Having taught prenatal yoga for 10 years and being a mom myself, I thought I knew a bit about it.  But learning about Ayurveda for me took the yoga off the mat into the kitchen, and taught me ways moms-to-be can use food to support themselves and their growing baby – in and out of the belly!

Cate’s course inspired me to study more with her and I continue to learn and practice.  Most of all, it helped me understand better what it means to line up with the bigger energies and rhythms of the day, of the seasons, and of our bodies so we can be more powerful participants in our life-long dance of co-creation.  I now have jars of grains and beans and herbs, and I actually know how to use them – both for delicious meals and to improve the health of my family.

Thank you Cate, not only for your boundless knowledge, but for your generosity in sharing it, and your wisdom in understanding exactly how to help moms and moms-to-be feel energized and balanced during this wonderful, ever-changing time of life!

Jessica Jennings,  Certified Anusara Yoga Instructor,  founder of for Pregnancy, Motherhood & Beyond , Los Angeles


Mamabirthing is about your potential.

Mamabirthing is about evolving our generation of mothers.

Mamabirthing is about evolving our offspring.

Mamabirthing is for yourself, your family, and your community.

Mamabirthing will work through you in an effortless flow. Mamabirthing will activate you. Mamabirthing will open world of strength and make you a smarter, centered, healthy, empowered mama.

If you invest your money and your time in the course and are unsatisfied, I’ll ask you to pass it forward, then I’ll refund you. Mamabirthing has a 100% success rate. If you actually listen and take action and find no value, I ask you to inform me of pregnant or postpartum friend, or a childbearing professional (doula, midwife, bodyworker) in your community to gift your course to. And I’ll refund you as an expression of thanks for sharing this course with others.

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