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Progressive baby showers and the blessing way.

Moms-to-be long for a circle of support as the birth comes near. This core desire arises from a primal innate knowing of what lies ahead. Unfortunately, our modern western culture dumbs down our intuition with the ridiculous platitudes of a “baby shower”.

You don’t need a baby shower… you need a mother shower.

The baby shower is about the baby. You (or your pregnant friend/daughter/wife) needs a ceremony that is for your (her) birth. You want connection and support… and you have an inner knowing that this is an old ritual. And, you are right. For those who want the full education on this process, read: Blessingways: A Guide to Mother-Centered Baby Showers.

You want a blessing way or a birthing way.

Ultimately, mothers preparing for birth need a circle of support. The ceremony before the birth is to gather, acknowledge and call to duty the mother’s circle of support. Here is a list you can print to help organize your circle of support at your blessing way. This is a way for your friends to honor you and your needs. Instead of gifting your baby, they are gifting you.. knowing you are the the only one who can give your baby what your baby needs.

Potentize your Circle of Support. Print the handout below to remind yourself (or the mother-to-be) of what you want from your Circle of Support.

Return to Ritual: more ideas for honoring sacred birth.

There are other ceremonies or ways women can come together to support each other. Take some time to tap into and visualize what you want. What rituals you are interested in experiencing? Print this handout to have a reminder to create what you want to experience.

  • At-home rejuvenation retreat for conscious pregnancy
  • A Birthing Way
  • A sacred incubation – immediate postpartum cocoon week
  • 42 day Postpartum Re-entry party
  • 90 day postpartum Gentle Cleanse

Rites of passage

We have the power to change how we support and celebrate birth. It’s up to us to change what is normal and what is expected. If your traditions are outdated, it’s up to you to tell your peeps what you want and why. You’ll find that just having one friend or family member supporting you will make a world of difference in the months to come.

Which rites of passage will empower your transformation? Print this handout.

  • Organize and request a circle of support.
  • Create authentic meaning.
  • Design ceremony (s) to articulate your highest intention.
  • Eat nourishing foods to honor the physical endeavor of birth and postpartum.
  • Identify support or gifts that align to your values and essential structures.

Mindful birth to postpartum

When mothers look back on pregnancy, most say that was the easy part. Yet, our culture puts the emphasis on pregnancy and the baby shower, and ultimately has no care parameters for the postpartum basic needs of a mother. This causes a myriad of health problems for mothers and children that lasts years.

Take time to create the future of postpartum care for yourself and for our culture. Here are some guidelines to help you out:

  • Stay on target; attune others to supporting your targets.
  • Make others aware of your patterned pitfalls so they can help you steer clear.
  • Pause. Review. Rehash. Realign. Invoke next intents.
  • Articulate and Celebrate that which is working best.

Create what you want to experience and celebrate.